## Hi there! My name is Pauli Ojanen, aka "pmjo". Not so many years ago I was working on a gameplay video recording and sharing system called Everyplay. It was pretty awesome project but unfortunately it got shutdown in 2018. Currently I work as a Software Developer at Unity Technologies. On my freetime I love to code small games and other interesting stuff, especially for mobile. Even I have done my own 3d engine in the past I nowadays mainly use Unity. I think Unity is awesome and I have released a couple of extensions for it at the [Unity Asset Store](https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/4260/ "Unity Asset Store"). ## Currently available Unity extensions - [Next Gen Recorder](http://www.pmjo.org/nextgenrecorder/ "Next Gen Recorder") - [Simple Gon Generator](http://www.pmjo.org/simplegongenerator/ "Simple Gon Generator") ## Deprecated Unity extensions - [Fast Controls](http://www.pmjo.org/fastcontrols/ "Fast Controls") - [Fast Decals](http://www.pmjo.org/fastdecals/ "Fast Decals") - [Fast Spawn](http://www.pmjo.org/fastspawn/ "Fast Spawn") ## Deprecated Games - [Minute Commander](http://www.pmjo.org/minutecommander/ "Minute Commander") ## Other stuff - [TypeScript Math library](https://github.com/paugit/pts-math/ "TypeScript Math library") - [Tiny Audio Decoder](https://github.com/paugit/tinyaudiodecoder/ "Tiny Audio Decoder") ## Shadertoy stuff - [Ha'tak arrival](https://www.shadertoy.com/view/Xsy3Dm "Ha-tak arrival") ## Support Incase you are having problems with my Unity extensions, don't hesitate to contact ![Support](img/support.png "Support")